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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

what's the color of the sky?

blue daw sabi ni kramer. hehehe.

i was able to watch the concert of BLUE last saturday. it was fun.. i had so much fun. specially that i've got no plans of seeing it at all. it was just a lucky day for me.

i wasn't really a BLUE fan. though i had to admit that i loved most of their songs. it was my best friend dolly who really wanted to go see the concert, but we were out of funds. poor us. hehehe. i was so excited when i was telling her i was able to get two tickets, at no cost.

the songs were great. the band was so cool. i was like dancing when they were doing fast songs. not to mention that i was screaming a lot. well, that's what i do when i watch concerts : scream a lot. hehe. i almost cried when they did GUILTY and SORRY SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD. dunno. the songs really hit me. at one point, i was holding dolly while the band was playing a senti song... and i asked her... aren't you missing someone? she just looked at me and smiled. she didn't have to answer my question, for i knew the answer already. she was missing someone, and even if she doesn't say it, i knew she was hoping she was with someone else and not me. too bad i was the one who gave her the ticket, so she basically didn't have a choice. hah! but no worries coz apparently, i was feeling the same way. i wished i was with someone else, too. i wished i was with ... hmmm... my mom! yeah, i wish i was watching the concert with my mom and holding her hand while listening to the sweet songs. damn i missed her so much. hehehe.
[me to myself : convince me more!]

it was basically a great night. great show. i made my best friend happy, and i had fun myself. and i have been making my ears bleed from listening to BLUE songs for two days now. just can't get enough, eh?

special thanks to sir raffy b. i owe you big time :)


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