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Sunday, April 24, 2005

scratch paper


if you love someone, let him know you do
if he loves you back, be glad
if he doesn't, thank him
there's so much to be thankful for.

if someone says he loves you,
tell him you love him, too
but let him know if you're not in love with him
you don't have to be in love to love.

if someone makes you cry, forgive him
there'll come a day when he'll cry, too
if it happens, give him a hand
and tell him to cry no more.

if you feel like laughing without any reasons
laugh out hard
and the world laughs with you
you don't have to have reasons to be happy.

if you feel like dying of pain and misery
and it's as if you all alone,
pray with all your heart
god will always listen

october 23, 1997
psba-qc room 414
business letter writing class

[ganito pala magsulat ng business letter. hehehe]


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