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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

to trust or not to trust

this is not about condoms.. you dirty-minded you...

seriously now...

"i trust you with my life."

has anyone said this statement to you? if your answer is yes... then you are one of the lucky ones.

let's face it. it is not an easy thing. the world is so full of hypocrites. you can't tell which ones are true, and which ones are fake. like they say... not all that glitters is gold. you can't even tell if the person whom you thought will be with you through thick and thin was actually plotting schemes to drag you down.

i used to trust people too easily. one day you are a stranger to me. next day you are a friend. and before we know it, i am already laying down my cards and telling you even the smallest secrets that i have.

but i eventually learned my lesson. after some bad experiences with 'trusted friends', i finally came to my senses. there's only one rule in playing the game : never to trust just anybody.

if i find it hard to trust others, i expect others to find it hard to trust me as well. it's like.. if i don't trust you, then why would i expect you to trust me? one rule, remember?

so i was kind of surprised (and honestly flattered) when one of my friends came to me and revealed one of her most precious secrets. and a huge one at that (so huge that i can't say it here... sorry.. hehehe).

at first i was like... woah!! really?!? and then the thing started sinking in and i was ok with it. totally ok.

what was her secret? that's beside the point. what i'm trying to say here is that it feels really good to know that someone trusts you with everything. it was a risky move on her part because i could simply spread the word and tell her thing to everyone who knows her. for the record, she said i was the second person that she shared it with. can you believe that? second??? and she has like... hundreds of friends?!!! for me, that's something. and she said she felt relieved that she was finally able to tell me about it. hmmm... that's more than something. definitely. i was deeply touched.

i'm not sure why i am making it such a big deal, but i felt good about myself today. it's been a long time since someone has made me feel good about myself. it's like i'm finally making sense to somebody's life again. oh well...

trust is something which you don't just pick up from somewhere. it is something that you must earn. and in a hard way. and once you earn it, be responsible. take care of it and never let it slip away. because you'll never know... someone might actually be trusting you with his life.

do you wanna know a secret?


Blogger anjiedy said...

come on shadowlane, you can trust me... what is her secret? and who is this girl anyway? =) nice post, it's true though, YOU really are a very trusting person, that's why i feel blessed to have known you, and 'til now, considered as your friend...

12:21 PM  
Blogger shadowlane said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:52 PM  
Blogger shadowlane said...

hmm... you really wanna know her secret? well... it depends, really. how much are you gonna pay me for such a valuable information? hehehe.

thanks for the nice words! though i know it's still a part of the "i just threatened you to say only the good things or else" deal. :)

1:55 PM  
Blogger shadowlane said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:01 PM  
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