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Monday, March 14, 2005

check mate

the first was good. something to smile about coz the first normally sucks. shoot me if this ain't true.
the second was better. hmmm... pretty interesting. you both were getting in to it, perhaps.
the third was great. like you've been doing it with each other for years. cheers!

two hours of casual sex. no, not really. it was more of two hours in a private room. not sure about how many minutes were consumed doing sex, how many minutes were spent talking nonsense, and how many minutes of silence, just lay there doing and saying nothing. listening to each other's heartbeats? maybe. thinking about the next move? maybe. no one really knows what the defeaning silence was all about. two hours. three hits. or should i say rounds instead of hits? whatever.

oh by the way, the book says it's eleven minutes per... hmmm... session? foreplay not included. so if it's 3, then the minutes consumed doing sex would be more or less 33. but then again, there's foreplay. hehehe.

fun? hot? intense? sure, it seemed passionate at some point. and yeah, sweet. like you were in love or something. but reality check: casual = meaningless. no feelings involved. no emotional attachment. no commitment. the whispered words, the silent screams, the body language, the way you called each other's names... these were just said and done for the heck of it. it doesn't necessarily mean anything. so just let it be. don't think like it means something. maybe the situation was calling for it.

but the moment you pick up your clothes and start getting dressed, and the moment you step out of the room you shared for two hours, well sometimes three... four... doesn't really matter how long... everything will be gone. as if nothing happened. you won't even talk about it, or ask if you are going to see each other again. you shared something. you did something. maybe it was magical. but magical as it may seem, it's just casual. and casual IS casual. plain and simple sex. NOTHING more.

what happens next? you whine? you spend hours and hours thinking about what happened and why you let it happen? then you regret what you did? i think not! come on. you should know and do better than that. you thought you were grown up enough to allow yourself to get into that situation? now, be grown up enough to get out of it. leave it. let it go. forget. move on. the other person has forgotten. you should too. it was just casual in the first place. no one asks what's next. so just forget and go on with life. plain and simple.

anyway... i'm not sure why i'm writing about this thing. this article was specially written for those people who engage in casual sex and start to go crazy about it the next day. casual is casual. don't make a big deal out of it. don't let the other person make a fool out of you by being too affected. don't let your head spin too much. otherwise, don't even think of getting into a situation that you cannot handle. to all those who can relate... more so, to all those who got offended... my apologies. no intention to offend whatsoever. i'm merely pouring out my thoughts.

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Blogger anjiedy said...


gutsy!... to have written this in your blog where everyone can read...

i agree though... casual IS casual and it can't be the reason/foundation in starting a relationship... add ons-probably...

3 rounds?.. try to beat... hmm nevermind... hahaha

i'm just wondering who the lucky guy is... *wink*

11:54 AM  
Blogger shadowlane said...

it has been written basically for everyone to read. hehehe.

stop wondering... i was talking in general. it's not necessarily a first hand experience. shhh.... LOL. *wink back*

1:01 PM  

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