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Sunday, October 03, 2004

title? hmm....

i think i had a very nice sleep last night. it was a new day and the headache was gone. great. though i was still feeling kinda weird. it seems like i'm not breathing normally, like there is a lump in my throat and the air couldn't go through to my lungs. i'm feeling a bit dizzy, too. a part of my head still throbs from time to time. am i sick? hmmm... nah.. maybe just tired.

i've had high spirits at work. i've done so much for a day. perhaps, the work energy has come back. though i'm still considering finding another job. but the manager was so nice to me today, extra nice that i have to reconsider the consideration. what the hell did i just say??

we had a game at the office. the annual mooncake game in celebration of the chinese mooncake festival. it was fun. somebody won as much as 3.5k. me? well... i won some chips and candies and little mooncakes, and at the end of the game, i'm two hundread and forty bucks richer. what a game. but it was fun.. yeah.. fun. :)

i was supposed to meet with a friend after work and watch a movie we've been wanting to see since last week. but the bastard [kidding, gyvie hehe] sent me a message an hour before the set time, informing me that he couldn't make it. he said something like being trapped at a birthday party and couldn't leave. excuses, excuses. but it was ok. it was partly my fault. we were supposed to go to the movies last saturday but i backed out. it so happened that watching BLUE was far more exciting. don't kill me, mate. i'm just kidding here. bweehee.

well, anyways... i'll go straight to the highlight of my day. i bought myself chocolate moo on my way home. that was it. end.


Blogger Rede Litoral SAT said...

Hi shadowlane...your Blog is far better than the last one, congratulations...keep up the good work...your posts are very interesting, but one thing I don't know: your real name.Good night and good luck with your Blog.

12:51 PM  
Blogger Buck-Fush said...

ah, the Philippines brings back old memories, go see "The Motorcycle Diaries"

4:27 AM  

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