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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


just because i don't say i miss you
doesn't mean that i don't.
i do.

just because i don't let you hold my hand
doesn't mean i don't long for your touch.
i do.

just because i don't talk to you
doesn't mean i have nothing to say.
i have.

just because you don't see me
doesn't mean i'm not there.
i am.

just because i don't show you i'm in love with you
doesn't mean that i'm not.
i am.

i do.
i have.
i am.


Blogger -raindrops- said...

okay ang pambatok mo a.

4:50 PM  
Blogger shadowlane said...

shadowlane: psst andyan ka ba?
rain: in hiding as always
rain: :D
shadowlane: hehe
shadowlane: anong pambatok?
rain: pambatok
rain: para matauhan ang kausap mo
rain: :D
shadowlane: ahhh
shadowlane: hehehe

4:55 PM  
Anonymous oel said...

galing galing galing kung saan!
lufet ever!
idol talaga!!!

nice ang ganda
like rain
like sunshine
like summer
like moonlight

10:47 PM  
Blogger shadowlane said...

o, kapatid na rain... ang ganda mo daw. hehehe

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One day soon this maybe about me. My dreams and hopes are in your hands and together we may be one. As long as your thoughts are in this direction then my happiness is fulfilled. I will love you until death. "top secret"

7:15 PM  
Blogger shadowlane said...

top secret [big grin]

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Top Secret said...

One day soon we shall be together as you ask 6 months will pass until we meet. I hope you will be happy with what i can offer, i will be sincere and complete for you my dearest. Until then may our hearts be as one and our minds think alike. My love always

7:53 PM  
Blogger crowsfromjupiter said...

Hi Shadowlane

Sorry this is entirely out of the blue. I found a comment you left on my photo blog (ages ago) for the first time (I never looked for these!) and thought you must think it rude of me never to have replied. Well, I am grateful for your comment & thanks for looking at my pictures. I'll have a scoot around yours now. Bye

12:41 AM  
Anonymous Top Secret said...

12 roses for the one i love
11 roses for the one i adore
10 roses for the one for me
9 roses for my sacrifice
8 roses for your heart
7 roses for your soul
6 roses for your thoughts
5 roses for your SMILE
4 roses for your hand
3 roses for your life
2 roses for your imagination
1 rose for you being you

1:48 PM  

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